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Shiva Bagheri is a fitness competitor, gymnastics champion, fitness model, professional dancer and choreographer, personal trainer, and dance instructor.

Shiva has a background in Gymnastics, Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop, Tap, Persian and Jazz dance, starting when she was just nine years old.  Back in those formative early years, Shiva was a competitive gymnast with the SCATS gymnastics school – one of the best in the U.S.


Shiva began her career as a professional dancer, choreographer and actress, at the tender age of 15, when she appeared as a chorus dancer in “Orpheus in the Underworld” at the L.A. Music Center, then shortly afterwards appeared on the popular TV program STAR SEARCH with a group called, "The Vibes" – they ultimately won the competition for teen dance groups. Since then, Shiva has danced and worked with such choreographers as Debbie Allen, Marguerite Derricks, and Zina Bethune, to name a few.   Shiva has also appeared in TV commercials and a variety of TV appearances earning such credits as: “Mr. Belvedere,” “Doogie Howser,” “Pollyanna II,” and “Army of Darkness,” along with Coke, McDonalds, Planet Fitness and Disneyland commercials.      


In 1999, Shiva ventured into the fitness world and won such titles as Ms. Fitness Inland Empire, Northern California, California, Las Vegas, and Nationals 1999.  She placed 5th in the Ms. Fitness USA competition and 8th in Ms. Fitness World competition. She was the 6th place in Ms. Fitness USA (2000) and 9th place in the Fitness America Pageant (2000). Her competitions have been televised on Fox Sports and ESPN.   From her experience as a top ranked fitness competitor, Shiva then became a fitness model, appearing in many fitness and health-related magazines, such as Ms. Fitness, Oxygen, Fit Mag, and Ironman.


Over the past 25+ years, Shiva has taught a wide variety of dance and choreography to well over 10,000 people from the ages of 2 to 82, and from beginners to top professional levels.  She also teaches in any setting – whether one-on-one or in a huge dance studio class.  The styles of dance Shiva teaches & choreographs are Ballet, Pointé, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Tumbling, Stretch & Firm, Persian, Modern, and Musical Theatre (Acting, Voice, & Dance).  She has choreographed numerous ballets including, “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Nutcracker,” as well as creating original works, “Wizard’s Wish,” “Wish Upon A Star”, and many others.  

Shiva has also been a long time certified personal trainer (PTA - Private Trainers Association), and has trained many types of people….  


Shiva is very passionate about teaching dance and has even recently been involved in the production of a whole series of dance instruction videos, which are all available on this website and on to be advertised and will appear for sale very shortly.


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