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WALKS:  (Each additional dog is $10 each)   
15 Min. Potty Break $20
30 Min. Stroll Break $30
45 Min. Fit Break $40
60 Min. Exfit Break $50
(Kitty care is the same price for the amount of time spent at the home)
Round trip is $10 within a 5 mile radius.  $1 more per mile outside of the 5 mile radius.  If you need me to wait for you dogs it's $30 per hour.  
OVERNIGHT SITTING: $50 (Each additional dog or cat is $15 each).
This is done at the clients home.  I will arrive at 7PM and give the dog(s) a Potty Break (dog only), replenish water and food, & play with the dog or cat.  For cats I will clean cat litter box.  Must have a bed for me to sleep on.  I will bring my own sheets, blanket, & pillow.  In the morning I will give the dog(s) another Potty Break, replenish water and food and leave between 6-7AM.  Note:  This is a 11-12 hours service.  24 Hour service is $75.
OVERNIGHT BOARDING:  $50 (Each additional dog or cat is $15 each).  Only board dogs who are 30lbs or less.)
Same as overnight sitting except this will be done at my place.  Dog(s) or cat(s) needs to be dropped off and picked up within a 12 hour period.
DAY STAY BOARDING:  $75 (Each additional dog or cat is $15 each.  Only board dogs who are 30lbs or less.)  This includes 3 Potty Breaks and 2 feedings & refreshing water.  This is for a 24 hour period.
EXTRAS:  $5 Feedings & $1 for each pill given per dog
"I have personally found Ms. bagheri to be unusually efficient, punctual, professional, caring, hard-working, and able to maintain a high level of focused concentration in the caring of my dog, in addition to being very meticulous, knowledgeable, and precise in applying her knowledge of dogs when Frodo was in her care."
Dr. Elliott Haimoff
Beverly Hills, CA
"Shiva has walked and boarded Mia many times.  She treats her like 
her own and Mia has a hard time leaving her when I've picked her up after being with her for several days!  I highly recommend her!"
Christine R.
Westwood, CA
"Shiva & Charlie are wonderful!  We rescued a 6 month old puppy in November of 2017 and had a holiday trip planned.  We had him boarded at Shiva's place.  He was sky and skittish and hadn't been socialized.  The girls walked him everywhere with them.  Our puppy came back more confident and adjusted!  Thank you Shiva & Charlie for the job well done!"
Natasha Wehba
Beverly Hills, CA
"Shiva & Charlie are a delight to welcome into our home.  They are  truly loving people.  Our dogs love them & they are learning new things!"
Dayle Zukor
Bel Air, CA
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